Xerox WorkCentre 3215 Printer

The Xerox WorkCentre 3215 is particularly designed to replace multiple devices in your workspace like the scanner, stand-alone printer and also the copier. This is a multifunctional printer that doesn’t burn your pocket and also never compensates at the performance. This multifunctional printer can make any other printer look obsolete particularly when you compare the price of the device. There is also a wide range of customizability available that takes this to the next level by including all the small changes like the date format, time format, auto-updates and a lot more. These small changes are the things that people; particularly people in the business sector look for. You can use the link to download the printer drivers and software. We will see the Xerox WorkCentre 3215 setup on the steps below.

Xerox WorkCentre 3215 Setup

 The Xerox WorkCentre 3215 setup is straightforward and simple. All you have to do is,

Xerox Workcentre 3215 Setup
Xerox Workcentre 3215 Setup
  • Unbox the printer and remove all the protective cases and cover. Remove the bubble wraps and other Styrofoam on the printer to proceed with the setup process.
  • After you safely remove all these things, use the power cord to connect the printer to the power source.
  • Make sure this power source is steady and reliable for the fullest efficiency of the printer.
  • After you connect it to the power source, launch the device.
  • The device will take a couple of minutes for the device to set up.
  • As the next step to the launching, the language option will load up.
  • Use the arrow keys on the device to toggle through the languages available.
  • Select your language correctly, as this will be used to interact with the user in the future.
  • After you set the language, select the date format to display on the device.
  • Now, set the date on your device. Make sure you enter this right as per your requirement. This may affect the updates that are available on the device and in some cases may affect the working of your device in case you’ve entered a wrong date.
  • After you set the date, you have to select the time format. There are 2 formats available-12hrs and 24 hrs.
  • Select your desired format, use the arrow keys to navigate between the options and then select OK.
  • After you set the time format, set the time on your device.
  • Now select the preferred metrics that you want to use in your device, i.e. millimeters or inches.
  • This is how the device is going to measure the paper size. Also, select the default paper size- A4 or letter.
  • You can either choose to allow upgrade on the device, once set click on OK.
  • As the final step, set an admin password. Make sure it’s generic and safe to use.
  • Now enter the fax phone number, fax ID and also the country/region to complete the setup.
  • After you complete the setup, the device will restart to apply these changes. After the restart, the device will show “initializing” at its screen.

Connect Xerox WorkCentre 3215 to Network

You can connect the device to a network by configuring the IP settings of the device.

To add a static IP address (IPv4) follow the steps below,

  • Click on the “machine status” button on the control panel.
  • Now select “network” and click on “OK”. You can use the arrow keys to navigate to the “Network” option.
  • Enter the admin password “1111” if prompted, select OK.
  • Now the “network settings” menu displays.
  • Select TCP/IPv4 using the arrow keys. Now press OK.
  • As the next step, click on “static” and click OK.
  • Now select the IPv4 address and press OK.
  • Now enter your IP address.
  • After you enter the IP address enter the “subnet mask” and “gateway”.
  • Double-check the details, as your preference is shown on the screen.
  • Now go back to the “network” menu.
  • From here, select the IPv4 using the arrow keys.
  • Select “static” and then select “primary DNS”.
  • As the final step, enter the details for the “secondary DNS” and press OK.

Download the Xerox WorkCentre 3215 Driver

Now all that’s left is to download the printer drivers and software.

  • Ensure that your printer is connected to the device and receives power to operate.
  • You will find the driver installation CD-ROM in your printer box.
  • Enter the CD in your device and give it a moment.
  • The driver should auto-run, but if it doesn’t, open the drive and click on “start”.
  • Now click on the “install software”.
  • Click on “network connection” and proceed with the flow.
  • The installation process may take a few minutes to complete. Test-print a page to make sure the setup works.

For further assistance regarding the Xerox WorkCentre 3215 setup, do not hesitate to contact our support team @  +1-844-898-6210 or visit who are always ready to help you with your situation.