Terms and Conditions

The user must go through all the terms & conditions of our site before taking our services. The terms and conditions are the most important part, which defines the relationship between the site authorities and the users.

Our objective

The foremost aim of our work is to give assistance for the users to easily carry out the troubleshooting process of all the printers. The contents on our site are published with an objective to give informational support for the users.

Privacy policies

In the first place, privacy policies are the most important part of the terms and conditions. The policies explain our data collection methods, and other rules and regulations we are following for any issues from the user side. Collection of user data is the crucial step in offering the services. Thereby, every user should first know what the privacy policies that we follow.

Copyrights & regulation

We have published the contents after proper research only, with the only intention of providing support services to the user. Our site owns the whole copyrights for all the contents. In case of any situations like misuse or plagiarizing the contents, our site will take respective legal actions against the corresponding persons.

Judicial law and regulations

By considering the laws and regulations only, we will decide every action from our side. We assure that user data is kept in a secure way and we don’t share the data to anybody at any cost. In case of serious issues only, the data will be shared with the respective authorities. We do the previous action only after giving notice to that particular user. After that, we follow the legal actions for subsequent steps.

If any change is there in the terms & conditions, it is instantly notified in our site. Thereby, we advise all our users to go through our site information to know the regular updates.