A Gist on Samsung ProXpress SL-M4530ND

  • The Samsung ProXpress SL-M4530ND printer is cost-efficient and the toner capability enables the users to print with lower cartridge replacements.
  • Secondly, the high-power processing can support quick, speedy and efficient performance for all office groups
  • This printer can speed up business with a 1 GHz dual-core CPU delivers prints at splendid pages per minute and sharpens the text and images with ReCP technology

Samsung ProXpress SL-M4530ND 

  • The first page out in as fast as 6.5 sec and the resolution is up to 1200x1200dpi
  • The monthly cycle for printing is up to 200,000 pages and the print technology is laser
  • The Samsung ProXpress SL-M4530ND processor speed is 1000MHz
  • The mobile printing solutions are Apple AirPrint, Mopria, Wireless direct printing, Samsung Cloud Print, and Google Cloud Print
  • The Connectivity speed is Hi-Speed USB 2.0 port
  • Compatible operating systems are Windows, Linux, Ubuntu, OpenSUSE, Mac
  • The print speed of the Samsung ProXpress SL-M4530ND is up to 47 ppm
  • Below are the procedure briefly describing Samsung ProXpress SL-M4530ND setup

How to Setup Samsung ProXpress SL-M4530ND?

Samsung ProXpress SL-M4530ND setup
Samsung ProXpress SL-M4530ND setup
  • The Samsung ProXpress SL-M4530ND setup is simple and quick
  • Firstly, peel off the tape on the Samsung printer box and fold its flaps to take out the printer
  • After that, the setup poster will be on the top of the printer package
  • Now, take out the printer holing the sides of the styrofoam and place it gently on a smooth surface
  • Next, remove the styrofoam from the Samsung printer and take off the protective cover on the Samsung printer
  • Secondly, start with removing the blue tapes that are stuck on to the printer interior and exterior surface
  • Inside the printer package box, there will be the installation CD and the reference manual, power cable and fax cable
  • Similarly, link the Samsung printer to power using the power cable
  • Fix one end of the power cable to the Samsung printer and the other end to the power outlet
  • Turn on the printer, load the ink cartridges mentioned and genuinely insert the papers which are neat and with unfolds
  • The Samsung ProXpress SL-M4530ND setup is complete as done with the initials installation process

How to Download and Install the Driver for Samsung ProXpress SL-M4530ND for Windows? 

  • Downloading the latest software for Samsung printer includes in the Samsung ProXpress SL-M4530ND setup process
  • Firstly, visit the support site and go through the drivers available
  • Secondly, before the downloading process check for the operating system and language
  • Make sure of the current version and click the Download button
  • Next, after downloading, go the destination where the file has been saved
  • Thirdly, double-click the .exe file to decompress
  • Finally, proceed with the instructions on the screen and this will automatically start with the installation process
  • The Samsung ProXpress SL-M4530ND setup for driver installation completes

How to Download and Install the Driver for Samsung ProXpress SL-M4530ND for Mac?

  • Samsung ProXpress SL-M4530ND setup for drivers is simple and easy as like the above
  • Firstly, download the printer file from the printer site
  • Next before clicking the Download option, check for the operating system and its current version
  • Make sure of the language and then study the available information regarding the driver file
  • After that, click the Download option and download the driver file
  • Once after downloading, double-click the driver file and make sure to mount that on the Disk Image
  • And then double-click the disk image and again double-click the file package in the folder
  • Finally, the driver installation will begin automatically and thus Samsung ProXpress SL-M4530ND setup for drivers for Mac is complete

Samsung Mobile Print App

  • Samsung ProXpress SL-M4530ND setup also includes the printing process
  • Firstly, download the Samsung Mobile print app and link the printer and the app
  • Now, check whether the printer supports the mobile printing with Samsung Mobile print app
  • Next, start with the configuration process
  • Here for the USB connections, attach the USB cable to the Samsung printer and download the printer driver
  • And then add or Share the printer on the computer
  • For Network connections, fix the Network cable and check whether the Samsung printer configuration is done through the Network connection
  • And now download the Samsung Mobile print app for all the Android 4.0 users or latest
  • Secondly, add the Samsung printer to the list

Users of USB Connection 

  • Firstly, access the Samsung Mobile Print app
  • And then select Add device manually option
  • Secondly, choose SMB as the type of connection, enter the IP address and then provide the user account
  • After that, check whether the USB cable connection is already complete and then touch Search to search and add the printer
  • Finally, test print a document by access the app that has the document

For Users of Network Connections 

  • Firstly, check whether the Samsung printer and Mobile phone has access to the same network
  • Now, access the Samsung Mobile Print app
  • Secondly, touch Select Drive or to make changes to the printer already added, touch the Add icon
  • After that, choose RAW as the type of connection, give the IP address and let the port number remain default 9100
  • Finally, touch Search to search and then add the Samsung printer
  • And this completes Samsung ProXpress SL-M4530ND setup to print via Android phones

How to Print using the Samsung Mobile App?

  • After completing the Samsung ProXpress SL-M4530ND setup for mobile phones, now you can proceed for the printing process
  • Firstly, check whether the printer and the Android device has the same network access
  • After that, access the Samsung mobile app and go to the Print tab
  • Now, touch the Print icon and check for the device
  • In case if there is no device available, then touch Select Device and then choose the printer from the available list
  • Secondly, choose an option like a photo or Document
  • Tap to print a photo, choose the Album and then opt the picture
  • Thirdly, to preview the image or modify the settings touch Preview
  • After completing with all the above steps, finally, touch the print icon
  • The document will start to print

If you face any difficulties or issues during the Samsung ProXpress SL-M4530ND setup, dial to our technical support team @ +1-844-898-6210 or visit for further guidance.