Privacy Policy

Our privacy policies explain the ways we are carrying out in the data collection and other services we provide. Thereby before taking our services, ensure you are referring all our policies.

Data collection methods

To offer services to the customers only, we are collecting the rudimentary data like name, email ID of the customer and card details for the payments. In the meantime, we are collecting this information by chats and calls. If the location information is needed to offer services, in that case only we will ask for the location of the customer.

Rules & Regulations

To hamper the data misuse and content plagiarizing, we always follow the strict rules and guidelines for all the services we are providing. In case of necessary situations and unavoidable disputes only, we will hand over the respective user data to the Authorities. This action would be taken after only giving prior notice to that user.


Our site uses cookies only to improve customer services. The user can enable or disable the cookies and these cookies are not for the collection of any other miscellaneous data.

Chargeback policies

To unsubscribe or to stop any of our services, we recommend our users to follow our chargeback policies. The respective chargeback policies are applicable for the refund purposes also.

User responsibility

We advise our users to provide only the above mentioned data to get their required services. Always don’t follow any other third party messages or advertisements if found on our sites. In case of any such dispute by the third parties, we are not liable one for that issue. Users have the sole responsibility to deeply look through all the conditions on our site and providing data.