Lexmark X5650 Setup

Lexmark X5650 is an all one multifunction printer that can copy, print, scan, and fax. And the print speed is up to 25 pages per minute black and 18 pages per minute color. The monthly duty cycle of the Lexmark X5650 printer is 3000 impressions. The operating system support is Mac and Windows. Here we have a guideline regarding Lexmark X5650 setup 

Lexmark X5650 Setup
Lexmark X5650 Setup

What is Inside the Box?

  • Firstly, on the top of the printer package, the consumer can find a power connector, line cord, Lexmark X5650 all in one printer
  • Secondly, there will be service information and statement of the limited warranty
  • It consists of a CD-ROM for driver installation purpose, the setup sheet, a black and color cartridge
  • Next, it has Apple Mac and Windows installation software on CD-ROM
  • And finally, it consists of a fax guide for setting up and sending the fax
  • Lexmark X5650 setup starts with the unpacking process and continues with the driver installation

How to Unbox the Lexmark X5650 Printer?

  • Lexmark X5650 setup starts with the unpacking process
  • Firstly, cut the carton and fold the flaps to remove the printer from the printer package
  • Clear off the styrofoams on the top of the package and check for the essential contents like the power connector, software installation CD, ink cartridges, setup poster, etc
  • And now, remove the carton clips and then lift the carton
  • Secondly, remove the protective cover from the Lexmark printer and then lift the printer away from the packaging material
  • Next, all that has to be done is to remove the tape and the packaging materials
  • After that, unlock the scanner by lifting the scanner lid and hold and move the Scanner button and then close the scanner lid
  • Thirdly, pull out the tray completely from the printer and then make sure to adjust its paper guides
  • After completing the above, fan a stack of paper and insert it into the paper input tray
  • Access the front door of the printer and then remove all the interior packing materials
  • Similarly, install the ink cartridges in the Lexmark printer
  • Go to the ink cartridge area and one can find the instructions on the interior part of the printer
  • In the ink cartridge slot, press and release the lock to insert the ink cartridges
  • Unpack the new ink cartridges and then insert them into their correct slots and wait to hear its locking sound
  • To complete the Lexmark X5650 setup, try printing the alignment page

How to Print a Network Setup Page?

  • Lexmark X5650 setup starts with printing this page to proceed further
  • Firstly, check whether the printer is on and Ready appears on the screen
  • After that, tap Key icon on the Home screen
  • Secondly, tap Reports and then tap Menu Settings Page
  • The menu settings page will printer and the printer will return to the home screen

Set up the Lexmark X5650 Printer Software

  • A printer driver is a software that allows the computer to communicate with the printer
  • And this can be considered as the most important setup during the Lexmark X5650 setup process

For Windows

  • Firstly, exit all the software programs that are kept open
  • Now, insert the software and Documentation CD that came along the printer package
  • Secondly, from the main installation dialog box, click the Install option
  • And finally, proceed wit the prompts on-screen to complete Lexmark X5650 setup for driver

For Mac

  • At first, make sure to close all the software programs that are kept open in the Mac computer
  • Secondly, load the Software and Documentation CD into the CD drive of the Mac
  • Now, on the Finder desktop, double-click the printer CD icon that automatically appears on the screen
  • And then double-click the Install icon on the screen
  • Finally, proceed with the on-screen guidelines to complete the Lexmark X5650 setup for Mac

Lexmark X5650 Wireless Setup

  • Lexmark X5650 setup most important step to complete is the wireless setup
  • Firstly, gather all the information like the network name and password, security method
  • After that, fix the power cable to the printer and power and power on the Lexmark printer
  • Now, load the Software and Documentation CD and click the Install option
  • And then click Agree and the Suggested option
  • Secondly, click the Wireless Network Attach option
  • Proceed with the guidelines on-screen to finish the software installation

Setting up the Lexmark Printer on the Wireless Network for Mac 

  • Start the Lexmark X5650 setup for Wireless connection by locating the MAC address on the sheet that came along the printer
  • Firstly, turn on the printer by connecting the power cable to the wall outlet
  • And now enter the printer information according to the version

Mac OS X version 10.5

  • Under the Apple menu, select System Preferences and click Network and then click Airport

Mac OS X Version 10.4

  • Now, from the Go menu, select Applications
  • After that, double-click Internet Connect
  • And under the toolbar, click Airport
  • From the Network pop-up menu, choose Printer server and enter the last 6 digits of the MAC address
  • Next, access the Safari browser and click the Bookmarks and choose Show
  • Secondly, under collections choose Bonjour
  • Finally, go to the main page of the Embedded web server, and locate the page of the wireless settings information

Lexmark Printer configuration for Wireless access 

  • Firstly, enter the name of the network and choose the Infrastructure as the Network mode
  • After that choose the type of security to safeguard the wireless network
  • Provide the security information for the printer to link to the wireless network and click the Submit button
  • Secondly, access the Airport application on the computer
  • And finally, from the Network pop-up menu choose the wireless network


How to Download the Driver using a Web Browser?

  • Start with accessing the Lexmark site using a web browser
  • Secondly, access the Drivers & Downloads menu and click the Driver Finder option
  • After that, choose the printer model from the list and again select the operating system from the pull-down list
  • Finally, go through the information of the driver file and click the Download button
  • Go to the downloads folder and double-click the driver file to run and install the printer driver

How to Copy using Scanner Glass?

  • Load the original document on the scanner glass with the copy face down
  • On the printer control panel, tap Copy to provide the number of copies
  • Now the copy screen appears and modify the copy settings as per the want
  • Secondly, tap the Copy it option
  • And finally, tap Finish the Job to go back to the home screen

If facing any issues or having doubts regarding Lexmark X5650 setup, dial to our technical support team @ +1-844-898-6210 or visit All printer setup for further assistance.