Lexmark Printer

Lexmark has printers for every occasion. There are monochrome printers enabling only low-cost, black and white printing. Furthermore, choose between color printers meant for Small and Medium Business and Enterprise and Large Business categories. As global leaders in printing technology, Lexmark has always been the preferred choice of consumers across the world.

Main Features

Some of the primary features of Lexmark printers are:

  • The device is price-efficient and comes with an eco-friendly printing facility
  • A great combination, the printer can be handled rather easily
  • Enviable and excellent imaging solutions
  • Simple design, and a fairly easy installation procedure – Installation procedure seldom requires assistance and can be accomplished by the users themselves

Lexmark Printer Drivers-Install with CD

Lexmark Printer Drivers
Lexmark Printer Drivers
  • Installation software for the printer is available on the CD that accompanies your shipment
  • Place the disk into the computer’s CD drive and allow it to run – once finished, you will see the Lexmark icon on the desktop
  • Double-click the icon to allow the installation wizard to guide you with the driver setup process
  • You will see either the Help Installer or the Install icon/prompt appear
  • Click on Install, complete the notice for authentication and thereafter, click on Ok
  • An introduction page opens from where you have scroll across several Read Me before you click on Continue
  • Click on Agree after you have selected your choice of language
  • Then click Continue -> Choose location for software Installation ->Continue ->Install
  • Finally, set your preferred region ->Continue ->Finish ->Close to complete the Lexmark Printer Drivers installation process
  • Follow all the above steps to experience seamless printer functionalities

Universal Print Drivers

  • As a progressive brand, Lexmark tries to ease consumer complexity through innovative solutions
  • The Universal Print Driver is one such solution that does not require users to specifically look for an individual driver for a particular printer model
  • Although there are options under CustomerSupport on the Lexmark website that will let you opt for specific printer driver installation
  • Download and install a single driver to accommodate multiple printer device requirements


  • The Universal Print Driver has the ability to support 200+ printer models over a locally connected network
  • Digitally signed and Microsoft certified packages that are compatible with Cluster server environment, Microsoft Terminal Server and the Citrix XenApp/XenDesktop
  • For a computer running on Windows Vista, you have the PCL 5, PCL XL and the PostScript 3 emulation drivers
  • Successfully accomplish bi-directional communication with the Job Accounting option – Keep a track of all print jobs associated with a particular account
  • IT support costs minimize as a single package manages and tests the internal certification thus simplifying its use
  • User efficiency increases as the UPD’s GUI does not differ from that of product-specific drivers
  • Additionally, modify the default queue settings to include a range of other media settings

Version 2

  • The UPD Version 2 or V2 is the latest in print drivers that comes with enhanced usability, and several administrator tools that are designed to reduce time and effort of deployment
  • With an enhanced GUI for a more consistent look and feel, enhanced Job accounting and custom installation, the UPD also allows Dynamic Driver Configuration and a Printer Configuration Utility for creating driver configurations

Specific Lexmark Printer Drivers Installation

  • If you do not possess a CD and wish to accomplish the Lexmark printer drivers installation, then you can always reach out to the manufacturer’s website for the driver of your specific model
  • For this, attach the printing device to your computer
  • Go to the Lexmark website and click Support/Download
  • A Windows computer will always recognize and install the software after retrieval
  • In Step 1: What is your product? field, enter the name of your printer model
  • Thereafter in Step 2: What is your operating system? field enter Windows
  • In Step 3: What version is your operating system – enter if it is 32-bit or 54-bit
  • At the final Step 4: What is your Language? Screen, choose your preferred language and then click on Submit
  • Accept the license agreement and download it on to your computer by clicking on the I Agree – Download button

Extracting the Lexmark Printer Drivers

  • Double-click on the file as you locate the place on your computer device where the driver has downloaded
  • Open the zipped content with the Extract command and then click twice on Setup
  • You will receive instructions on the screen that you just have to follow
  • Finally, at the Select an Installation Type screen, click on the radio button against Install the driver software now

For further installation of the Lexmark Print Drivers, call our agents @ +1-844-898-6210 or visit All printer setup for a consultation.