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Printers’ Overview

  • Kodak makes printers for a variety of purposes
  • Consumer printing can take place with the help of the Kodak inkjet all-in-one printers that come with the EasyShare, ESP, Hero and the ESP Office range of printers. Recently, the Kodak Photo Printer 6800 was added to the list as well.
  • Commercial printing is accomplished through a range of high-speed printers including the Versamark, Prosper, Digimaster, NexPress and mid-volume, light production printers
  • Kodak VERITÉ printers licensed by Funai Electric Co., Ltd. help save about 50% on ink cost while even reducing ink usage by about 30%. Besides, it uses XL cartridges for continuous printing.
  • Additionally, the company also produces their range of printer paper the Kodak Ultima that is considered as an epitome of durability. It comes with the highest longevity in the life of printing papers.

About Kodak Printer Support

Kodak Printer Support
Kodak Printer Support
  • Kodak Printer Support employs a team of expert professionals who are adept with every aspect of the Kodak Printer
  • We are here to provide you with comprehensive guidance and support pertaining to:
    • Setting up the Kodak Printer hardware
    • Connecting your Kodak Printer with an Ethernet, USB 2.0, or using a Wireless network connection
    • Installation of drivers, software and firmware
    • Troubleshooting your Kodak Printer
  • Some of the setup, installation and troubleshooting modules are available here on this website itself. They are fairly inclusive and will provide you with the necessary steps and information to setup, install and troubleshoot your Kodak printer
  • While the model explained here is that of Kodak VERITÉ printers most of the other devices should also more or less follow the same steps
  • For deviations, feel free to call our agents at the number provided on this website for your Kodak printer support

Kodak VERITÉ 55

  • One of the most versatile and popular printers, the Kodak VERITÉ 55 is compact, delivers a robust and reliable performance and affordable
  • Some of the best features of the printer are seen in its ability to save space and printing and scanning in Eco Mode
  • The Eco Mode is seldom found in printers at a similar price point
  • Ink usage reduces drastically and operational costs significantly lowered
  • Scan directly from any of the handheld mobile devices
  • Designed particularly for personal printing requirements, the device also comes with NFC connectivity
  • The device accomplishes a range of functions such as flick printing, wired and wireless printing
  • With easy installation and address printing, the Kodak VERITÉ 55 is well-known for its Eco printing facilities

Kodak Printer Setup and Installation


  • Remove all tapes and packaging material from in and around the printer
  • Also look for protective paper from under the scanner lid and paper support
  • Thereafter, install the ink cartridges


  • Use the red pull tab to remove the plastic covering the ink cartridges – leave the gold colored contact area, untouched
  • Lift the ink door and insert the cartridges one by one till you hear a click – you may have to push it before you hear the snap


  • After closing the ink door, load the paper – adjust the width guides by sliding them along their paths
  • Insert an A4 letter-sized paper, a standard for most printers
  • Undertake a test printing to see if the page indeed prints appropriately
  • Before you give a print don’t forget to open the exit tray for the paper to slide out

Switching On

  • Connect the power cord from the printer to the electrical outlet
  • Use the USB to connect the printer to the computer

Kodak Printer Drivers and Software Installation

  • There are different types of drivers available for varied operating systems
  • Check computer connection to the modem/router/network access point
  • Temporarily disable any anti-virus software present on the computer to allow printer setup

Driver Software

  • Go to the manufacturer’s Kodak Printer Support page to locate the driver for the Kodak VERITÉ 55
  • Double-click on the driver and software file to download and install it
  • In the process, a User Account Control window opens where you just have to click on Yes
  • Thereafter click on Continue -> Wi-Fi button and a screen stating Driver has already been installed appears
  • Choose the name of the printer or the serial number as seen on the screen and then click on Next

You can also change the Connection Type of the printer from wired to wireless. To know how to do this contact our Kodak Printer Support team @ +1-844-898-6210 or visit Printer Setup site for more information.