HP is one of the leading manufacturers of home and office appliances, and have been pioneers in the printer technology. They have separate models for every user segment and have managed to capture every niche in the printer market.

Here are the four different types of printers HP provides it’s users with.

  1. HP Envy model printers.
  2. OfficeJet model printers.
  3. InkJet Printers.
  4. HP LaserJet Printers.

These are the four different types of printers from the house of HP, and each of those types hail hundreds of handcrafted models that would fit one or the other customer. Since there are so many models in HP, it is possible that the users might be overwhelmed about choosing a model for their needs. In that case, please call us on our HP Printer support phone number given at the end of the article.

If you have already bought one, we will walk you through the different steps involved in setting up your HP Printer.

HP Printer support phone number

Unboxing your HP Printer

No matter of which model printer you buy from HP, you’ll have all of these in the packaging that comes.

  1. The printer itself.
  2. Cartridges.
  3. Wires to connect the printer to the power socket and to the computer.
  4. Device driver installation CDs.The device drivers can always be downloaded from the internet. Which is actually advisable, simply because of the fact that printer drivers on the internet are up to date, when compared to the ones that come in the CD.

After you unbox the printer, please check for damages. If there isn’t anything, please proceed with the installation. If there is something missing, or needs replacement, please call our HP Printer support phone number at the end of this page

Setting up the printer

The first thing to do is to obviously unpack the printer and get it connected to a power supply.

After the printer is connected to the power, please open the input paper tray and load with the papers. Because if you overload the printers, there is a chance that the printers get jammed or run into problems easily.

After the paper tray is loaded, please open the cartridge lid. In there, load the printer with the cartridges that came along. After all this is done, please go ahead and switch the printer on. Press the power button on the printer and wait for it to power up.

After the printer is on, it will adjust its print head and start printing a sample document. After the document is printed, please check if the print head is aligned right. If not, call our HP Printer support phone number and we’ll let you know how to adjust the print head manually.

Connecting the printer to the computer and to the internet.

If you have a printer that can connect the internet wirelessly, then please long press the WiFi button on the printer. You can select the network that you want to connect to and you can get started by entering the password for the WiFi.

So, in a browser, please open the HP’s website and furnish the model number of the printer and the operating system of the computer that you want to connect the printer to. After you furnish both of this information, the website will fetch you the latest device driver. Please download it and click on the application. Alternatively, if you have the CD and a CD driver on your computer, then please go ahead and install the program in the disk directly. If you need help downloading the printer’s device drive, please call us on our HP Printer support phone number and we’ll help you find the right device driver.

Following the onscreen instructions.

All you have to do is to ensure that the internet connection is up and running, and you follow the on-screen instructions from the installation wizard.

This is how you install any HP printer or Printer setup. But there are a few models that might require an additional step. Like configuring AirPrint or Auto Ink. For more personalized assistance in setting up the printer, please call us on our HP Printer support phone number, +1-844-898-6210.