HP Printer Setup for Mac

Here is the article to read if you do not know how to execute HP printer setup for Mac

Connect HP printer to Mac device to start printing. Here we explain how to add printer to Mac in detail. If you are a new user. If HP is your choice, you can expect good quality Print results. Spend your quality time reading the steps below to learn HP printer setup for Mac

Steps in Detail to Execute HP Printer Setup for Mac

You can either begin HP printer setup for Mac connecting the USB cable or downloading the software directly

  1. At first, take out your HP printer from the package
  2. Then remove the protective tapes that surround the Printer
  3. Read and understand the device setup manual provided with the package
  4. You can load the paper into the input tray and place the Printer cartridge to the appropriate slot
  5. Now go to the appropriate settings to select the network. Choose the option, Wireless setup wizard, and start answering the instructions of Wireless setup Wizard
  6. Find the list of networks available that appear on your device screen
  7. Select the network and then provide the appropriate credentials
  8. You can also check if any other settings are available to connect your device to the Network
HP printer setup for Mac

How to Add Printer to Mac Device?

Now let us install HP printer to Mac. You can follow the steps below

  • list-info-icon From your Mac device, go to the System Preference settings. It’s good to connect your Mac device and Printer to the same network
  • list-info-icon Then choose the option, Printers, and Scanners
  • list-info-icon Tap on the Plus symbol
  • list-info-icon The list of connected devices will now appear on your device display screen
  • list-info-icon You can choose the Printer to add
  • list-info-icon The onscreen settings will now appear on your device screen. You can follow it promptly
  • list-info-icon Wait until HP printer setup for Mac complete
  • list-info-icon Now select your document and click on the Print icon to start Printing your documents at good speed and quality
  • list-info-icon If you prefer setting up HP Printer on Mac without USB, install the compatible software and then go forward with the settings to add the Mac device
  • list-info-icon You can also use HP smart app for setting up HP printer on Mac

How to Troubleshoot and Fix Errors That Popup While Setting Up HP Printer on Mac?

The steps below can help to fix errors while setting up HP printer on Mac

  • At first, restart your device and check if the error codes resolve. If not, check and verify the System Preference settings. Always connect your device to a high-speed and secure network connection. If the connection is slow, switch to a connection that can offer good speed
  • Ensure to update your device software to the latest and new version. To find the matching software to use with your Printer, go to the driver download page and then provide the Printer name, Version
  • If the errors remain, you can go for a device replacement. Check if your Mac device used is compatible to use with your HP printer. You can disconnect the cables connected between your Printer, Computer and connect it back again. Ensure to use good quality cables to connect your device. What if the error codes remain after troubleshooting? If the error codes remain after troubleshooting, you can replace the Printer with a new one
  • Navigate to the Apple Menu, choose the System preference settings and select the option, Printers and Scanners. You can view the Printer window after a while. Tap on the option, Reset printing system and wait for a while until the reset process complete
  • If you prefer using USB cables, check the quality of the cables used. Ensure to fix the cables promptly to the appropriate port and then proceed with the setup process
  • Validate the software version used. If the existing version is outdated, you can try updating to the new version. Learn the steps to install HP printer on Mac before execution

How to Print From Your Mac Device?

If HP printer setup for Mac is complete, select your documents to start Printing. Here we explain how to print your documents using MAC

  1. At first, Power on your Mac device
  2. Then select the document to Print
  3. The printer Dialogue box will open
  4. Choose the option, Print
  5. You can set the page layout and other settings
  6. Then go forward with the onscreen instructions that appear on your device display screen
  7. Check the quality and speed of Printing once if the Print outs arrive
  8. To resolve and fix Printing errors, check the jammed or stuck papers inside the Printer compartment.

If you are new to HP printers, models are many to purchase. Select the best one that suits your budget and requirements

How to print from your mac device

Get Help To Execute HP Printer Setup For Mac

If you find it difficult to execute the steps to setup an HP printer for Mac, reach out to our HP printer customer support team @ +1-844-876-5110 or visit All printer setup. You are requested to ring the support number provided on our website portal

Frequently Asked Questions

If you choose the wrong settings it’s difficult to add your Printer to Mac. Hence we suggest navigating to the system preference settings again and then add the device. If the errors remain, try restarting your device

If you are unable to find the wireless printer, check and verify the hardware connection and ensure that the connections are secure. Also, connect your device to a secure and good speed network

To setup, a printer on Mac, follow the steps below

  1. At first, take out the Printer from the package
  2. Start the hardware setup
  3. Go to the device control panel to select the network connection type
  4. Now switch ON your mac device
  5. Go to the system preference settings and select the option, Printers, and Scanners
  6. Now choose the add button
  7. Finally, select the Printer to add
  1. At first, switch ON your Mac device and Printer
  2. Then connect these devices to the same network
  3. From your Mac device, select and open the document to print
  4. Select the printer menu
  5. Choose your printer
  6. Then go forward with the print settings
  7. Search if other print options are available. If yes, you can also enable the settings available