Download HP Printer Drivers For Windows 10

For several machines, you will find HP Printer Drivers for Windows 10 built into the device to allow the printer to begin functioning immediately. At the same time, users can also download the required full-featured drivers from


  • Windows can be configured to automatically download and install the software driver
  • Look for Change device installation settings from under the search field in Windows 10 and then click on Yes(recommended) -> Save Changes
  • Thereafter, connect the printer and the computer either using a USB, Wi-Fi, or a Wired Connection

HP Printer Wired Connection

  • For a wired connection, you can use the standard Ethernet cable, along with a network router that is fully functional
  • Check the router if all the Ethernet ports are available and connect the computer to it
  • Standard telephone cables for this connection should be avoided and a proper Ethernet cable should be adopted

Printer Connection to Network

  • Turn the printer on remove all protective coverings across the Ethernet ports on the printing device
  • Now, connect the Ethernet cable to it

HP Printer Drivers for Windows 10

HP Printer Drivers For Windows 10
HP Printer Drivers For Windows 10
  • You can use the Add a Printer Wizard in Windows to configure the operating system’s built-in driver
  • In Windows 10 open Control Panel ->Devices and Printers -> click Add a Printer
  • A window Choose a device or printer to add to this PC opens from where you can select your printer’s name
  • Click on Next to receive instructions on the screen for driver installation

Printer Not Found

  • If the printer is not found on the list, then you must choose The printer I want isn’t listed -> Add a local printer or network printer with manual settings -> Next
  • From here, you have to choose a port that will be frequently used by the printer such as USB001 -> select Next
  • To confirm updates just click on Windows Update -> Manufacturer pane -> Hewlett Packard -> Click on the name of your printer
  • Driver installations can be completed and accomplished when you click on Next

Again Not Found

  • If the printing device is not found, then click the empty upper left corner twice
  • The Find a printer by other options window opens from where you choose to Add a printer using TCP/IP address or hostname -> Next
  • From the Device Type list, click on Auto detect -> enter your IP address ->Next

Note: The IP address of the printer can be found on the printer configuration page

  • Once the printer and the computer are connected, you should be able to install the driver by clicking on Next
  • Print a document and perform a scanning procedure to see if the driver is installed and the installation process is complete

Wireless Connection

  • You can use the WPS (Wi-Fi Protected Setup) or even the Wireless Setup Wizard to connect the printer to the network

Using WPS

  • The WPS push button method can connect your printer to a network instantly
  • WPS setup requires an HP Printer that is wireless enabled and a router that is also equipped with a WPS button
  • Ensure to gather your wireless network’s WPA or WPA2 passkey
  • If you are using WPS, you do not require a computer for connection
  • The Wi-Fi Direct feature is not part of the WPS setup
  • During the driver or software installation process, if the computer asks you for a WPS Pin, just press Cancel
  • Press and hold the Wireless button for at least 3 seconds and wait for the light to start blinking
  • In the absence of a physical wireless button outside the printer then reach out to the printer’s LCD for the required commands
  • From here, go to Network Settings/Wireless Settings Menu -> scroll down to touch Wi-Fi Protected Setup -> Push Button -> Start
  • Now, identify and hold the WPS button on the router – the light starts to blink
  • Once completed, install the relevant software on the computer or the mobile device, to print

Wireless Wizard

  • After gathering all your wireless network name, password, and associated hardware – turn them all on, first
  • You must also ensure that all the devices are on the same network
  • Then from the control panel go to Setup -> Network/Wireless Menu, on the printer device
  • Thereafter, press Wireless Setup Wizard to follow every instruction that appears on the screen

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