You may come across offline error at some point in time while using Epson printer. If you are new to Epson printers, let us help you to fix the error by suggesting the common troubleshooting tips

Printer offline error can occur due to faulty cables used, outdated Printer software, Printer settings error, and much more. If you are ready to fix Epson printer offline error, follow the commands below

Resolve Epson printer offline error; select your document to start printing. You can expect good quality print results if Epson printer is your choice


  • To start the troubleshooting, check the cables connected to the Printer
  • If the connections are not secure, disconnect the cables connected to the Printer and connect back again
  • You can replace the faulty cables connected with a new one
  • Do not choose the wrong port to connect the cables

Disable the offline settings on your Epson printer using Windows computer

If your Epson printer is connected to Windows computer, check out the steps below to disable the Printer offline status

  • Switch on your Epson Printer and Computer
  • From your Windows computer, go to the option, Devices, and Printers
  • Find the list of available Printers
  • Select Epson Printer from the list and select the settings, See what’s Printing

Restart or reset the Printer Spooler service

The printer Spooler service helps to manage the running Print jobs, load the Printer drivers, and much more. Select the appropriate settings on your device to restart the service. Then check if Printer offline issues resolve

Clear the Print queue – It’s recommended to avoid performing multiple Print jobs at the same time. Clear the Print queue by selecting the appropriate settings

Update or upgrade Epson Printer driver

Updating the Printer software is essential to overcome Printer offline error. Read and understand the instructions below to begin the software update

  • Check the Epson Printer driver version
  • If the version is outdated, go to the appropriate software download portal
  • Find the software search tab
  • Enter the Printer Name, Version
  • Wait for the software search results to appear on your device display screen
  • After selecting the software, click on the option, Download
  • Move the software setup file to the required folder
  • Select the software
  • Then tap on the option, Download
  • After downloading the setup file to the required folder
  • Click on the setup file
  • Then follow the onscreen guidelines that appear on your device display screen
  • Meanwhile check if any other methods are available to download Epson Printer driver

Check for jammed or stuck Papers

  • Visually Inspect the Printer compartment
  • Check if any jammed or stuck papers are present
  • If yes, remove it at the earliest
  • Delete the existing print jobs from the queue
  • Then start printing your documents again. This way, you can resolve offline issues to some extent

Set your device as the Default Printer

The offline error may pop up if your Epson Printer is not set as the Default Printer. To set your Epson Printer as the Default Printer, navigate to the Settings > Devices and Printers from your Windows device. Choose your Epson Printer from the list that appear. Right-click the Printer and tap on the icon, set your Printer as Default Printer


Resetting the Printing system can help to fix the Printer Offline Error on Mac

  • Navigate to the System preference settings if you are using a Mac device
  • Check if you can find the option, Printers, and Scanners
  • If yes, tap on the icon
  • Choose your Epson Printer
  • Select the option, Reset Printing system
  • Now wait until the Epson Printer reset process complete

Use HP print and Scan doctor tool

HP Print and Scan Doctor tool can help to fix the frequent error codes that pop up. You can install the tool by navigating to the software download page. Access the tool, run a quick scan and check if HP printer offline issues resolve

Fix network issues if any

  • If any Network or connectivity issues persist, verify the Network settings
  • Disconnect your Epson Printer, Computer from the Network and connect back again
  • Establish a new network connection if possible
  • It’s good to connect your Epson Printer and Computer to the same network connection
  • If you prefer a wired connection to establish the network, check the quality of USB or Ethernet cables used

Power cycle your Epson Printer

Check if Power cycling your HP printer can fix the offline issue

  • You can turn off the Printer, Computer
  • Then take out the cables connected to the Printer
  • Wait for a while
  • Then connect the cables back again
  • Now turn on the device to check if Epson Printer offline errors resolve

Replace your Computer or Mobile device

If Epson Printer offline errors persist even after troubleshooting, try replacing your Computer, Mobile device connected to the Printer. Confirm if the device OS version is compatible to use with Epson Printer

Reset your Epson Printer

Device reset can also help to fix Epson Printer offline issue. If you are ready to begin the reset process, follow the steps below

  • Power off your Epson Printer, Computer
  • Check if the reset button is located at the backside of the Printer
  • If yes, you can press the reset button for a while
  • Then wait until you receive a message stating that the Printer reset process is complete


Never delay contacting our Printer support if you require any help to fix Epson Printer offline error. Ring the customer support number to contact our Printer support executives


How do I disable the offline settings on my Epson Printer?

To disable the offline settings on your Epson Printer, follow the instructions below

  • To start with, power on your Epson Printer and Computer
  • If you are using a Windows Computer, access the settings, Devices, and Printers. Select your Printer and choose the tab, See what’s printing. If the offline settings are enabled, disable the settings to bring back your Epson Printer online

What causes Epson Printer offline issue?

Epson Printer offline error can occur due to

  • Outdated Printer driver
  • Faulty cables used to connect your Epson Printer to the Computer and Router
  • Print jobs stuck inside the Printer compartment
  • Activated Printer offline settings
  • Incorrect or Invalid Print settings
  • Your Epson Printer may go offline if you do not set the Printer as the Default Printer
  • Insecure hardware connection
  • Connectivity issues between the Epson Printer and Computer can also cause Printer offline issue

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