HP DeskJet 2752 Printer arrives with the top features to offer excellent Printing performance. Let us provide a few updates here and help you to execute the setup process

Before explaining the setup process, here we list out the best features of the model

  • The model arrives with print resolution of 7.5 ppm for black and 5.5 ppm for color
  • HP DeskJet 2752 printer supports mobile printing features such as HP Smart app; Apple AirPrint
  • HP Thermal Inkjet technology used ensures excellent device performance
  • It’s good that you can also get a monthly duty cycle of 1000 pages
  • The device supports duplex printing as well

Hp deskjet 2752 printer setup guide to help you

First-time Printer setup guide

To begin 2752, take out the device from the package to start the first time setup

  • At first you must place the paper in to the Input tray
  • Identify the slot to insert the Cartridge. Note that there are separate slots for black and color cartridge
  • Now check if you have the hardware requirements to start the setup. This includes the necessary cables to connect the device to the Router and the Power source

Hp deskjet 2752 printer wireless setup steps to guide you

To establish the network, go to the device control panel and choose the option, WI- FI protected setup

  • If you prefer the push-button mode, press and hold the Wireless icon on your Printer and the WPS button on your Router. The light next to the wireless icon glows if the network connection is successful
  • If Pin method is your choice, press the Wireless button and Information button for 5 seconds. A page with the print code will be generated. You can open the configuration utility or software for the wireless router to enter the WPS Pin
  • Check if auto wireless connect is compatible to use with HP DeskJet 2752 Printer. If yes, enable the feature to connect your device to the network automatically
  • If wireless setup wizard is your choice, navigate to the device control panel, select the settings. Answer the Wizard instructions, select the network and provide the appropriate credentials to establish the network connection

How to install hp deskjet 2752 printer to windows?

If you are a Windows user, follow the steps below to install HP DeskJet 2752 Printer

  • From your Windows device, access the device control panel and begin your search to find the option, Devices, and Printers
  • Search to find the option, Add a printer
  • Follow the on-screen guidelines to connect the device
  • You can also use the tools such as HP easy start to execute setup, activate the network

How to install hp deskjet 2752 printer to mac?

Mac users can read and execute the steps below to install HP DeskJet 2752 Printer to Mac

  • Turn on your Mac device and connect your device to the Network connection
  • Switch on your HP DeskJet 2752 Printer and navigate to the device control panel to choose the appropriate network settings
  • Also, connect your Mac device to the network
  • From your Mac device, select the option, Printers & Scanners icon after navigating to the System preference settings
  • Tap on the plus icon to add the Printer
  • Finally select your documents to start printing

How to download hp deskjet 2752 printer drivers?

  • To download HP DeskJet 2752 Printer driver for Windows, go to the appropriate software download portal and provide the Printer name, Version
  • The software search results will appear
  • Select the matching software, extract the setup file to the required folder to proceed with the installation
  • If you are a Mac user, download and install the HP easy start tool. Access the tool and execute the appropriate settings to activate the network connection, update the Printer software. You can also visit the Mac driver download portal available

How to print your documents using hp deskjet 2752 printer?

To start printing your documents using HP DeskJet 2752 Printer, follow the steps below

  • Open the Printing software from your Device
  • Check if the network connection is active
  • Select the document to print and tap on the Print icon to start printing
  • The Properties dialog box will open.You can select the Print settings accordingly
  • Check the quality of printing once if the Print outs arrive

How to scan your documents using hp deskjet 2752 printer?

  • Select the document to scan
  • Load the paper or document over the Scanner glass in such a way that the Print side points towards the downward direction
  • Now open the Scanning software installed on your device and then tap on the option, Scan a Document or Photo
  • You can use the Scan short cut tab to select the type of scan required
  • Follow the on-screen guidelines to complete the Scan process
  • To scan the document or photo to an email, choose the option, Email as PDF or Email as JPEG, and then tap on the option, Scan

Please contact our Printer support team if you require any assistance to start setup. The support and the guidance that we offer is 24/7