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Epson printers, though are relatively new, have entered the market with a bang. The technology that they’ve gotten into the printer game is just astonishing! They are lightweight, they need little to no maintenance and they don’t expend too much ink. They handle multiple print jobs at once.

These printers are not only made with cutting edge technology but also come at lesser prices than their competitive counterparts. Their installations, because of their advanced machines and features, the printer’s setup might be a little tricky, but worry not! We’ve got you covered. You can always reach out to our Epson Printer support phone number and ask your questions.

Epson Printer Support Phone Number

Step 1 – Unboxing and setting the printer

After you unbox the printer, please make sure that the printer, the cartridges for it and the power cables that come with it are all there in the box. If the accessories are missing, please make sure to get the parts needed for the printer setup.

Now, connect the printer to the power output in your wall. You can also connect to the UPS if you have one, and switch the printer on. Once you press the power button, you should see an LED light near the power button, and it should be on.

After that, open the cartridge compartment and load the cartridges that came with the printer. If the printer did not have them in the packaging, please buy them and put them in the printer. After you have the power and the cartridge in place, you can now load the input tray with some papers.

Please make sure to load only the recommended amount of papers into the printer. If you overhaul the printer, there are chances that the printer might start malfunctioning and there might be a paper jam. If you are looking to how to unclog one, please call us on our Epson Printer support phone number and we will help you with it!

Step 2 – Wait for the printer to print a sample paper

Once that is done, the printer will adjust it’s print head and align itself right so that it can go ahead and take a sample print out. You can simultaneously switch on your computer and log on to a browser. Just don’t connect the printer to the computer yet.

After your printer has printed out the sample paper, please make sure that the alignments are all right. If not, you will have to manually align and adjust the print head. We will help you do that! Just call us on our Epson Printer support phone number and let us know your printer model number, and we’ll walk you right through it!

Now that you have your computer on, we can go ahead and download the device driver on your computer and install it.

Step 3 – Download the device driver and install it

Once you are on the right website, please provide details about the printer’s model number and the computer’s operating system. Once you furnish both, the website will give you the right device driver to download and install. During the installation, please make sure that the file that you downloaded was from an authentic sight. If you have doubts, please let us know and we will help you.

Once the download is complete, please log in to your computer and start the installation process. Please make sure that the computer is plugged into the internet before you do so. The installer might need the internet to download the necessary updates for the software. If you have trouble installing the driver, please let us know via our Epson Printer support phone number given below.

During the installation process, the Epson installer will prompt you to connect the printer to the computer and you can do so with the USB cable that came with the printer. After the connection is established, let the installer establish a connection between the computer and your printer.

Step 4 – Connect the printer to the internet

If you are going to use functions like AirPrint or mail prints, you will have to connect the printer to a WiFi internet. For that, please press the WiFi button on your printer till the printer starts scanning for its nearest WiFis. After the WiDi is powered up, and the scan is complete, you can choose which network to connect to. If the network you choose is protected with a password, you will have to enter the right password to be able to connect the printer to the Internet. Then, your printer is fully functional.

If you have any questions regarding the printer setup or connection to the internet, or if you need help with the whole things, please let us know and we’ll help you. Our Epson Printer support phone number is +1-844-898-6210, and we’re open 24*7.

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