Canon Printer Drivers

To experience a seamless communication between devices, download and install the Canon Printer Drivers that includes the software. The driver interprets data got through the software into a design that can be seen by the printer to start print jobs. You require explicit drivers for specific printer models on the grounds that every one of these helps various data formats.

Especially, when you are searching for multifunctional models with a remote network and less price, printers from Canon are a phenomenal decision. Wi-Fi configuration, set up procedure and installation process are all easy with the Canon printers and do not consume time. Running from little compact portable printers to the biggest modern plan printers, Canon has a gadget for each need.

Canon Printer Drivers
Canon Printer Drivers

Types of Canon Printer Drivers Available

  • Apart from the standard printer driver, you can likewise download and install the XPS printer driver that is compatible with the XPS printing from the application software
  • Besides, you will also have to download and install a standard driver on your PC so as to utilize the XPS
  • You could load the CD Rom for driver setup into the PC if you go for the regular driver

NOTE: Start the printer configuration by navigating to Start and then Set up! You will pick Add Software – > XPS Driver from the CD Rom on the off chance that you are introducing the XPS driver

  • You could also indicate a particular printer driver by opening the Print box from the application software
  • Then, for the customary printer driver, you can choose the printer model name
  • Alongside the postfix XPS, you will have to give in the printer model name for XPS
  • To show a depiction in the Printer Driver setup window, users can get help from the Help option available

Canon Printer Driver Set Up for Windows

  • You can open the printer driver setup window either from the application software or from the printer symbol
  • On the off chance that you go for the application software to open the Canon Printer Driver setup window, you should design the printing profile when you are printing
  • Navigate to File and then choose Print to select the printing command from the dialog box that appears
  • Pick the model name of your printer and open the printer driver setup window by navigating to Preferences or Properties
  • If you are opting for the printer icon on your Windows 8 and 8.1, go to Settings -> Control Panel -> Hardware and Sound -> Devices and Printers
  • If you are using Windows 7, then go for Start > Devices and Printers
  • In case you are using the Windows Vista, navigate to Start > Control Panel > Hardware and Sound > Printers
  • The individuals who are utilizing Windows XP can execute Start > Control Panel > Printers and Other Hardware > Printers and Faxes
  • From there on, right-click on the printer model name and pick Printing Preferences from the menu
  • If you are a user of Windows 10 system, then you could install the Canon printer driver through either a manual setup, automatic windows updates, using the installation CD or third-party websites

Canon Printer Driver Set up for MAC

  • Prepare for the setup process of your MAC device and printer by turning them ON
  • On your MAC device, navigate to the system Preference settings and tap on the Printers and scanners Icon
  • On the off chance that your printer is as of now connected, the name will be displayed
  • In case the name of the Printer isn’t noticeable it shows that the Canon Printer isn’t installed previously
  • Click on Plus symbol that you can see at the bottom – you will have to do this action in order to add your Canon printer
  • Sit tight for quite a while and the Mac working framework will naturally discover the software that is good to use with the Canon Printer
  • Go to the drop-down menu to pick the appropriate software that is perfect to use with the Printer and press on the Add button to finish the process

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