Canon Pixma TS8150 Setup Manual

What are the special features of the Canon Pixma TS8150 printer?

  • This is the three in one printer
  • You can print, copy and scan using this printer
  • Print speed of the printer is 15 pages per minute
  • The printing speed of the color is ten pages per minute
  • Print technology is inkjet
  • Connectivity technology is USB, WI-FI, Bluetooth and cloud
  • The capacity of the printing tray is 20 photos( rear tray) 100 sheets (front cassette)

How To Make The Canon Pixma TS8150 Setup?

Canon Pixma TS8150 Setup
Canon Pixma TS8150 Setup

Step 1

  • Open the package and take off the printer from the package
  • Remove the packaging material from the printer and place the printer on the safe surface
  • Then check that the components are correctly delivered along with the printer

Step 2

  • Remove the power cable from the package and hook up the cable to the printer
  • Turn on the printer and start to make the initial steps
  • Enter the location, language and time & date on the printer

Step 3

  • Open the ink carriage access door
  • Install the ink cartridge to their particular slots
  • Then close the ink carriage access door once the ink cartridge is placed properly

Step 4

  • Insert the papers to the paper tray
  • Arrange the papers before you insert the papers on the tray
  • Always prefer the suitable papers to the printer
  • then make the arrangements to print the mandatory print out
  • To get more information about the input tray capacity to refer the Canon Pixma TS8150 user guide

What Are The Steps To Make Canon Pixma TS8150 Connect To Wi-fi?

It is your choice to prefer either the wired or wireless network connection. Here are the steps for both the wired and the wireless network

Steps For The Wired Network

  • Turn on the printer
  • Remove the protective tapes which cover the ethernet port
  • Then connect the ethernet cable to rear end of the printer
  • Ensure that you have connected the other end of the ethernet cable to the router

Steps To Make The Wireless Network Connection

It is your choice to pick the option for the wireless network connection. If you wish to make the secure network connection process the steps for the WPS method

  • Power up the printer
  • Hold the WI-FI button on the printer panel
  • Then after some seconds release the button and check whether you can view the blue light flashing on the WI-FI icon
  • Now tap and hold the WPS push button on the printer
  • Wait for some time and press the WPS push button on the router too
  • Once the printer gets network availability, you can view the blue light flashes steadily on the printer

After establishing the network, you can make the test print out to check the strength of the network. Once completing the network setup, you can begin with the driver installation steps

How To Process The Steps For The Canon Pixma TS8150 Software Download?

It is the choice which is up to you to prefer either the CD method or the online method to get the Canon Pixma TS8150 driver

Steps To Make The Canon Pixma TS8150 Software Download For The Windows

  • If you wish to use the CD method, then insert the CD to the windows
  • Then choose the file which you are going to download from the CD
  • Check if there is the software update then process the steps for the driver update
  • Download and locate the driver on the windows folder
  • Add the printer to the windows and start to install the driver from the CD
  • Try to print the test page by using the Canon printer and check whether everything is going right without the troubleshooting issue

Steps To Make The Canon Pixma TS8150 Software Download For The MAC

  • Use the browser to get the compatible driver for the printer
  • Surf to the registered site and download the driver
  • After you enter the Canon site, you need to type the model number of the printer
  • Wait until you get the proper search result
  • Once you get the search result, download and store the driver to the MAC device
  • Add the printer to the MAC device and start to install the driver to the printer
  • After the driver installation, you need to make the test print to make sure that there is no issue on the printer

How To Make The Canon Pixma TS8150 Scan To The Computer?

  • Install the MP Navigator EX app on the computer
  • Then tap on the start option
  • Choose the programs from the list
  • Then pick the Canon utilities option
  • Open the MP navigator EX
  • Then select the photo or the document which you wish to scan
  • Open the scanner glass and start to place the document in the proper manner
  • Make the changes in the scan settings and process to make the steps
  • After you complete the scan settings, you need to tap on the scan option on the printer
  • Now after the scanning tap on the save option, it is your choice to choose either to save the file as the PDF

Frequently Asked Questions about Canon Pixma TS8150 Printer

1. Why My Canon Printer Is Not Printing?

Check that the printer is power on. Make sure that there is no power flcutuations on the printer. As this may also cause the printing issues. Make sure that the ink cartridge has a good quantity in the ink cartridge. The process to make the test print on the printer to check where the issue persists

2. How To Resolve The Canon Pixma TS8150 Scan Problems?

Make sure that there is no issue with the power on the printer. Ensure that the USB cable is connected to the printer and the computer to process the scanning. If this problem persists then process the steps to restart the printer and the computer

3. How To Troubleshoot Network Availability Issues?

If you face the issue of getting the network to the printer, then check that your router produces a strong network. It is always good to connect the printer to a strong network to avoid troubleshooting issues.

4. What Are The Steps To Resolve The Issues While If You Find The Driver’s Unavailable Message?

If you find the unavailable driver message, then you need to check that there is no issue on the driver, which you have on the printer. Check that there any new version of the driver for the printer.

5. How To Get The Driver For The Printer?

To make the driver update on the printer, you can download the compatible driver from the CD as well as from the online method.

For further details on the Canon Pixma TS8150 setup, get in touch with our expert team @ +1-844-898-6210 or All printer setup, and resolve the issues.

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