The Canon Pixma mx922 is an office and business all in one printer that is wireless capable and consists of mobile printing options. Moreover, this printer includes features like Wireless LAN, AirPrint, Google Cloud Print, Wireless Printing, Mobile Device Printing, USB 2.0 Hi-speed.

This can perform actions like copy, scan, and fax and has built-in Auto duplex printing. This Canon Pixma mx922 printer is compatible with Windows and Mac operating system. It provides professional-quality printouts and can fax multiple documents without having to place them one page at a time. Here, we are giving your information about Canon Pixma mx922 setup, Canon mx922 connect to wi-fi, Canon Pixma mx922 driver download and Canon Pixma mx922 troubleshooting.

How To Set Up The Canon Pixma M922 Printer?

Canon Pixma MX922 Setup
Canon Pixma MX922 Setup

Follow the step by steps guidelines below and proceed with the Canon Pixma mx922 setup:

  • Firstly, to start with Canon Pixma mx922 setup you have to cut the tape that is stuck on the package
  • Make sure to clear off all the packing materials and take the printer out from the box
  • Now, place the Canon Pixma mx922 printer on a smooth surface
  • After that, check for the CD ROM, setup poster, ink cartridges, manual and other accessories in the box
  • Secondly, you must remove the styrofoams from either side of the Canon Pixma mx922 printer
  • Peel off the stickers and clear off the tapes and packing materials from the scanner glass and feeder
  • Check whether the printer is set ready for Canon Pixma mx922 setup
  • Thirdly, you have to power up the Canon pixma mx922 printer
  • Take the power cord that came along the printer package
  • Now, fix one end of the power cable to the Canon printer and the other end to the electrical outlet
  • Press the power button on your Canon printer to power on the device
  • Next, pick your language on the control panel of the Canon printer
  • Make sure to choose your region, date and time
  • Moreover, the Canon pixma mx922 printer will prompt you with some instructions
  • The first prompt will ask you to insert the ink cartridges
  • Access the ink cartridge location and install the cartridges and check to hear its locking sound
  • The second prompt will ask you to load the papers into the paper input tray of the Canon printer
  • Fan a stack of paper and reach the input tray, load the paper and make sure to adjusts its width guides
  • Thus completes the Canon Pixma mx922 setup

How To Download The Driver For My Canon Pixma M922 Printer?

Follow the instructions below to download drivers for Canon Pixma M922 printer:

  • At first, reach the Canon support site to download Canon Pixma mx922 driver
  • Next, provide the model number of your Canon printer in the text box
  • When you find your model, choose the Go option
  • After that, choose the Drivers and Downloads section to the right of the image of your model
  • Secondly, choose the Drivers, Software or Firmware tab based on what you wish to download
  • Moreover, choose the Select button to the right of the software or driver file you wish to download
  • Similarly, choose Download to save the file to your computer
  • Finally, this will download the Canon Pixma mx922 driver on your system
  • Next start with the installation process

How To Download The Canon Pixma MX922 Printer Manual?

To download the Canon Pixma manual, firstly, reach the Canon site and reach the Download sections. Now choose the Manuals or user guide section to start with the download. After that, you must choose your language from the drop down list and accept the agreement. Click the Download button and save the file on your computer by choosing your desired location

How To Install A Canon Pixma Mx922 Printer Driver On The Computer?

The guidelines below shall help you to install the Canon Pixma mx922 printer driver on your computer:

  • Begin the driver installation procedure, by starting the installer on your computer
  • Once after downloading the driver process is done, double click the printer icon in the Downloads folder
  • Secondly, in the Windows computer, provide the administrative rights to install the software
  • Moreover, choose OK or Allow to install the software on your computer
  • Next, make use of the Canon printer over the network, choose the connection destination from the client
  • On the other hand, choose the Printer port checkbox and click the Manual selection option
  • Further, select the appropriate port and click Complete
  • Now, restart the computer and conclude the Canon printer driver installation process
  • Same way, you can install the Canon Pixma mx922 driver on your Mac by enabling the system preferences option on the Apple menu

Connecting My Canon Pixma MX922 Printer To Wi-fi

To perform Canon mx922 wireless printing, connect your printer to the wireless network with the following steps:

  • Canon mx922 wireless setup without cd is simple and does not obtain much effort
  • Firstly, turn on the Canon pixma mx922 printer and make sure to install the printer driver from your computer
  • Secondly, access the setup screen and choose Next
  • After that, on the connection method screen, choose Wireless LAN connection method
  • On the printer connection method screen, choose Wireless LAN connection method
  • Thirdly, select the Cableless setup and tap WiFi button on the printer control panel
  • Next, make sure that the blue wifi LED starts to blink on the printer
  • Now, select the required preferences and click OK
  • Choose your wireless network from the list of available networks
  • Provide your network key to your network
  • Finally, now the Canon Pixma MX922 is linked with the wireless network

Common Ways To Fix Canon Pixma Printer Errors

Perform the common Canon Pixma mx922 troubleshooting guidelines to fix the printer installation issues

Canon Pixma Printer In Error State

  • Firstly, verify the connectivity status and re-establish the access between the computer and the printer
  • Next, try to restart your Canon printer and disconnect it from power
  • After that, make sure to connect the printer and set it up from the first
  • Check for the driver downloads and check for proper installation
  • Finally, check whether the error persists on your control panel

Solution For Canon Error Code B200

  • At first, turn off the Canon printer and access the ink cartridges door
  • Press the lever down to reach the ink cartridge area
  • Secondly, unload the cartridges from their slots and remove the print head from the printer
  • After that disconnect the printer from power and then connect it back after some time
  • Clean the ink cartridge location and the print head
  • Similarly, make sure to reinstall them back to the printer
  • Finally, power up the Canon Pixma MX922 printer and check for the issue

For more troubleshooting tips, visit Canon Error Code B200

Fix Your Paper Jam

  • First of all, turn off the Canon printer by holding the power button on the control
  • After that, pull and access the paper output tray
  • Next, take out the removed the paper jam using your hands gently
  • Secondly, go to the ink cartridges are and check for the paper jam issue
  • If you can find some paper in that area, then make sure to take it out
  • Ensure that you don’t tear any paper so that it can get into more complications
  • Moreover, check whether all the papers are taken out from the printer
  • Finally, check for the error on the Control panel of the Canon printer

Canon Pixma Mx922 Printer Is Not Found During The Installation Process

  • At first, power on the Canon printer and examine for any USB cable to disconnect it
  • Secondly, unplug the cable and link the USB cable into the right port
  • Next, make sure that the flat end is linked to the Canon printer
  • And the square end must be connected to the computer’s USB port
  • Moreover, picking the Wireless network connection, link the printer to the wifi network
  • Finally, the Canon printer will be detected during the installation process

Resetting My Canon Pixma MX922 Printer

  • Firstly, power on your Canon printer by pressing the Power button
  • After that, long press the Reset button available on the printer’s control panel
  • Secondly, press the reset button together with the Color Start button
  • Moreover, wait for some time and then release the buttons
  • Now, the Canon printer will begin to reset and restore to factory settings
  • Thirdly, power off the Canon printer after some time and link the power cord to the electrical outlet
  • Finally, power on the Canon printer and re-establish the connection between the printer and the computer

If you have any doubts regarding the Canon Pixma mx922 setup or want to get the detailed information regarding Canon Pixma mx922 printer driver download, then contact our professional squad for their guidance +1-844-898-6210 or All printer setup.